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Twice a month we team op with others in an Instagram contest to contribute to the promotion of sustainable & fair tourism.

In each contest we are giving away a very special and unique experience.

But what makes it so great, is that every organizer of this experience commits himself to pay fair wages to his workers, establishes fair working conditions and looks after the distribution of equal benefits for all people involved and with respect for human rights, culture and the environment.

As a participator of a Via Fair Travel’s contest, you are sure you’ll get a fair prize, in all its aspects!

Fair and transparant contests

How winners are picked

Each draw of winners consists of 2 steps.

Step 1

Every participating account that published the contest, draws ‘finalists’ equal to the number of prizes. These finalists are drawn by these apps: 

The finalists will take part in the final draw. Per contest, the finalists can be found and downloaded on this page.


All finalists from the participating accounts are gathered. Out of these finalists, the winners are drawn. The winners are drawn by this app: 

Yonca Eco Lodge Campaign

The Finalists

Yonca Eco Lodge Campaign

The Winners

Congratulations to all winners!

Prize 1st winner: A full week stay for 2 persons in the beautiful Yonca Eco Lodge in Turkey, in the breath taking Fethiye region. Breakfast included!

Prizes 2nd to 6th winners: Bespoke Eco Statement T-Shirt by @ecochictribe with YOUR statement of choice. 100% organic and ethical + 20% discount on all accommodation offers of Yonca Eco Lodge

Prizes 7th to 12th winners: 20% discount on all accommodation offers of Yonca Eco Lodge

***winners should contact within 24 hours after the final draw is communicated in order for Via Fair Travel to arrange everything with regards to the prizes. Winners must share these contact details: Country of residence, name, surname, address, telephone number, Instagram name***

Winners are only valid if they were following all indicated accounts at the time of the draw. If this was not the case, the winner is consequently disqualified.

Next Campaign

Gracanica Boutique Hotel

"Kosovo's first and only boutique hotel" New York Times.

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By choosing to travel with a partner of Via Fair Travel, you autimatically contribute to a better world d

Upcoming win campaigns!


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Dusty luxury in the desert of Morocco

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First and only boutique hotel in kosovo


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Eco holiday by the beautiful sea of Turkey


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Sun, sea, sand, fish, coral, birdsongs and the cool breeze making its way through the leaves: Lombok


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The excitement of spending the nights in a nomadic camp in the desert


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Adventure in style and comfort in the Amazon rainforest.

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