we are on a mission

To promote responsible and community-based tourism so that locals can enjoy increased socio-economic benefits and an improved environment.  We want to develop tourism with dignity, respect and nurture local cultures so that they enrich the tourism experience and build pride and confidence among local communities. 
We want to minimize negative social, economical and environmental impacts of mass tourism and promote tourism which is sustainable. Do you want to join us?

When choosing our partners, we make sure that we work with only ethical, local and independent organizers, accommodation providers, and local expert guides. This not only ensures maximum immersion into the place, but it guarantees that wealth from tourism is reinvested into the community that is hosting travelers. So, when you travel, it’s good to choose to travel with a partner of Via Fair Travel, because you are sure that the organizer benefits from your visit. And travelers who share our values, get rewarded!

By choosing to travel with a partner of Via Fair Travel, you autimatically contribute to a better world d

Why join our community? Because members get rewarded!

exclusive offers

Our partners have special offers for members of the Via Fair Travel- community. They will be communicated to you when you signed up.

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inspirational stories

Be inspired by travel stories from conscious change-makers and discover tips and tricks from other  ethical travelers.  

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You will be informed about special programs where you interact with locals in an unstructured, spontaneous manner e.g. through sports activities, visit to local schools, institutions, organizations.

worldwide movement

Become a part of a worldwide growing community of smart and purpose-driven travelers who share, explore, and contribute to sustainable travel and adventure. 

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Be the first to know about new partnerships between Via Fair Travel and ethical tourism companies and their authentic travel experiences.

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Be the change

By choosing to travel with partners from Via Fair Travel, you not only will live authentic and genuine quality experiences, but you will contribute directly to a better world because you choose to travel differently. Away from mass tourism.

Why wait? Just join us!