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Our Team

  • Dennis Adriaenssens

  • Founder & Managing Director

  • Jitse De Lauw

  • Head of Communications

  • Tineke Mertens

  • Igor Prudenziati

How it all started

About the Founder

Hi! I’m Dennis Adriaenssens. I founded “Via Fair Travel”, a  home for sustainable and responsible travel companies. I also founded “Fair Travel Reps” where we do sales and marketing activities for those companies in the BeNeLux. I was first bitten by the travel bug at the tender age of 13 on a trip to Switzerland with my school buddies. From then on all I dreamed about was travelling the world. As soon as I was able, I set off for longer periods to South East Asia, Turkey, France and Brazil. I have been working abroad for quite some time for important tourism companies. This helped me to truly discover other cultures in dept. 

The past ten years I’ve been working in tourism industry and particularly in the cruise industry. While working with cruise products, I became more aware of the various negative impacts of tourism and the importance of ecotourism and responsible travel. Over the years I’ve watched places I’ve visited change dramatically, rarely for the better. That’s why I founded Via Fair Travel. Via Fair Travel is supporting true sustainability in the protection of local communities, natural environments and wildlife in several countries. Our mission is to help to grow suppliers of travel and hospitality services into becoming flourishing, prosperous conscious hosts, committed to delivering maximum benefit from tourism to their communities.

where we believe in

We're on a mission

Via Fair Travel helps travelers in an easy way to come into direct contact with hosts from unique places all over the world. Hosts that are specifically oriented towards sustainable tourism. On our platform we list unforgettable travel experiences and memories for life. We help travelers to discover the beauty of our earth by reaching out opportunities to immerse into local cultures and communities That’s what traveling is all about! We believe that we can make the world better by means of sustainable travel. Our partners not only make the difference for our travelers, but also for the local population. We ensure that it improves because of our travelers’ visit. That is why we only work with partners who treat and reward their employees, drivers and guides correctly. We have the commitment to support and encourage environmentally responsible behavior, as well as the protection of flora / fauna and wildlife. We are also committed to combating trade in cultural heritage. Via Fair Travel represents a travel platform specifically oriented towards sustainable travel experiences in its totality. We stand for good service and good travel. Our travelers go carefree and relaxed on holiday, with peace of mind and conscience.