The Via Fair Travel Ambassadorship is developed by Via Fair Travel in the framework of the promotion of sustainable tourism development.

A Via Fair Travel Ambassador aims at raising awareness of the value and contribution that sustainable tourism can make towards development and engage all stakeholders in making the sector a catalyst for positive change.

A Via Fair Travel Ambassador aims to create a wave of impact.

People with the heart in the right place

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Our Ambassadors embody Via Fair Travel's values and ethos. With their social media channels they reach a wide audience and are truly significant game-changers in the field of responsible and ethical travel.

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Do you want to contribute to improving lives and protecting places through travel and tourism? You want to use your personal communication channels to spread the message? Then we want you to become our ambassador! You'll benefit from it, we promise!

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Friends of Via Fair Travel are mostly social media celebrities who sympathize with Via Fair Travel values and that have contributed in some kind of way to the growth of this sustainable and ethical travel platform.