For those who love people watching and off the beaten path locations.

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    I am Caroline, a full time travel blogger who loves vegetarian food and people watching.

    There is nothing better than sharing a good meal with a new friend (in a great location). While traveling I strive to provide my readers with the best off the path locations and "authentic" experiences. Being authentic for me means getting in touch with the locals and giving back to the community however which way you can.

    I hope to inspire others to pick up a suitcase and walk the path less trodden.

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    My instagram serves as my window dressing: Strong imagery that speak to people and inspires them.
    My website is the true gem, it contains loads of content on where to eat, what to do and even how to get into contact with local photographers and tourism agencies. Much like myself, the website is forever evolving and amassing additional nuggets of knowledge.

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    How It All Started

    After working for 7 years for a large marketing firm, I decided to pursue my passion of travel and photography. When I travel I like to connect with the local communities and give back anyway I can. Therefore, I focus on finding off the beaten path locations

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    Belgium-Netherlands-UK-Slovenia-China-Vietnam-India-Cambodia-Thailand-Argentina-Peru-Chila-New Zealand-France-Spain-...

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    United States

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    When I travel, I strive to provide my followers with the best restaurant tips and off the beaten path locations. This usually means "going local" and in turn helping out the local communities. I only work with brands that I love which allows me to put in a 150% effort into each and every one of my partnerships. In addition, I have a strong background in marketing, having managed large portfolios on a global scale. Therefore I am well versed with the do's and don'ts of social media marketing.

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