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    I am an Environmental Engineer turned Travel Writer and Plant-Based Consultant from New York City, currently living in the Arabian Gulf. I use the pen to communicate my passion for environmental sustainability, global mobility, and holistic wellness. Presently, I work with restaurants and hotels to better understand, attract, and accommodate the growing demographic of vegan and vegetarian consumers living and traveling worldwide.

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    English, Arabic

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    As a veteran vegan traveler, writer, and consultant, I showcase plant-based options in the Middle East and Africa and help local businesses become more veg-friendly.

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    While in college, I was immersed with social justice and environmental activism and made the undeniable connection between my personal life choices and their impact on the earth and its inhabitants--both human and animal.

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    As someone who is personally committed to the environment and humanity, I write from a place of passion and purpose that invites readers to sojourn along with me.

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    Six Senses, Kempinski, Anga Afrika, Africa Safariland Tours, Bahrain Tour Guides

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