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We cannot avoid leaving footprints, but we can choose how to do it

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    I am Teresa, an environmental engineer and, even before, a tireless traveler. Traveling, learning and exploring are just pure adrenaline. I love to think of myself as a traveler more than a tourist since when I travel I do not only seek out new places but, especially, authentic life experiences. Travelling means, for me, plunging completely into a different world, coming into direct contact with local people, trying its food and learning its culture and traditions. My slow and sustainable travels are always designed to reduce negative impacts generated by irresponsible tourism on environment, local communities and ecosystems.

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    Italian - English

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    Through my social channels, I try out best to raise awareness about sustainable and community-based travel and spread good practices in order to reduce waste production by using sustainable and eco-friendly travel products. Moreover, I provide environmental engineering consultancy to all those tour operators, touristic institutions and travel agencies who desire to minimize the negative social, economic and environmental impacts of their touristic products. Indeed, my engineering skills and my specialization in the field of sustainable tourism allow me to provide them with the appropriate technical tools and the best solutions to make travel itineraries, tourist activities and accommodation facilities responsible and sustainable. However, what exactly is responsible and sustainable tourism? Authoritative organizations and associations have provided countless definitions but, personally, I like to describe it like this:
    Sustainable and responsible tourism is a way of travelling on tiptoe
    A way of travelling that is committed to not leaving negative footprints in the world and to creating more benefits than damage to the environment and local people. A way of enjoying the wonders of the world without altering them irremediably and, above all, without taking them away from posterity. Traveling responsibly and sustainably involves all aspects of a place and looks different from one location to the next. In some places, it means supporting environmental protection projects, in others opting for tour operators that give back to the environmental and cultural heritage, in others preferring local commercial activities or housing in order to provide economic benefits to the indigenous communities and in others being careful about animal and children exploitation. Undoubtedly, every country in the world is dealing with different issues so that there is no univocal way of being responsible and sustainable travelers. Despite this, each trip on tiptoe is based on an essential point: we are always visitors in a place someone else calls home so that, we have to be respectful of local communities we get in touch with and conscious that all our actions create an impact on the environment. Travel responsibly and sustainably can be summed up in 3 actions: seeking information before traveling, adopting sustainable solutions when on the road and spreading a more respectful travel culture once at home.

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    Italian - English - Spanish

    How It All Started

    After completed my university studies, well conscious of how tourism can badly affect global development, I decided to increase my knowledge and specialize myself in the field of responsible and sustainable tourism with the aim of showing others how simply is travel in a way that leaves the smallest footprints.

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