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    I'm a Malagasy girl based in Brussels with a passion for beauty & fashion.

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    Hi there, ​ I'm ambassador for many fashion brands like Millesia lingerie. You are problably wondering where my social name came from? Vanille is the French name for vanilla : Madagascar's top product and stilettos are my favorite shoes....Now you got it ? ​ WELCOME TO MY UNIVERSE!

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    Few years ago Iused to own my fashion webshop. When I closed it I decided to use my stock of goodwill as well my social marketing investments to turn it into a blog ?

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    How would you like to collaborate with a well-known fashion and beauty blogger with 82K followers on IG?

    My name is Vanillestilettos (a.k.a Laure ;-)) and have already collaborated successfully with numerous brands like Guess, Planet Parfum, Hilton, L’Oréal, etc, and am brand ambassador of Millesia (lingerie). You can see many more references on my IG (@vanillestilettos).

    I’d love to promote your brand on IG The reach of the campaigns can also be extended to my blog (5k views/mth), Facebook (98k likes), as well as my other IG accounts (@vanilletravelblog and @vanillepawsblog) at conditions to be discussed.

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    HILTON-Guess-Millesia-Planet Parfum-L'Oreal-The Body Shop-Disney...

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