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    We are Matilde and Miguel, a Portuguese couple who decided not to align with society's tendencies and follow our dreams! We both have higher education: Miguel is a Chemical Engineer and Matilde is an occupational therapist, but above all we are big dreamers and passionate about life.


    We love new experiences, meeting new people, living new cultures and new challenges.
    TravelB4Settle is fulfilling us, now only by allowing to chase our own dreams but to help and support a community with the same values of us.

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    Portuguese - English - Spanish

    About My Channel

    TravelB4Settle was created when we started our big adventure, not only to share our journey, but also to inspire and help everyone that wanted to do the same. We booked a one-way ticket trip to India and from then on, we started our brand, learning completely new skills.


    Now we spend our time working on our laptops while traveling the world, living new experiences with new people and new cultures.


    The Online World allows everyone to chase this dream, and now we are here to prove it is possible!

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    Portuguese - English - Spanish

    How It All Started

    TravelB4Settle was born not only to create the lifestyle we wanted for us, but also to show it is possible and to help everyone that has the same dream to achieve it too. Because we know it is possible!

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    We will share a genuine and authentic impression of our experience with the brands we collaborate. If the brand aligns with our interests and passion it will trepass into our audience feedback.

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