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sustainable luxury treehouse retreat in southern Thailand

    Company Description

    THE HIDEOUT on Koh Yao Noi is a stunning eco retreat on a lush and sleepy tropical island in southern Thailand.

    Nestled in untouched jungle hills, THE HIDEOUT  lifts guests to a pristine location overlooking beautiful Phang Nga bay, its roofs barely visible amongst the towering treetops. With just four treehouse villas, this hidden gem prides itself on sustainability and a concept of simple, small scale luxury — they remove all modern distractions, affording their treasured guests the unique opportunity to truly surrender to the experience of nature and beauty.

    Each of the HIDEOUT'S  Thai-style lodges are constructed with eco-friendly building materials sourced from the island itself and crowned with palm leaf roofs. Designed with an organic architectural vision, the rooms are crafted to the highest quality and comfort standards in the region, striking the precious balance between open-air living, privacy, and tropical luxury. Their spacious beam-work, 270-degree exposed faces with bamboo blinds, and an open-air master bath inspire a singular sense of immersion with your surroundings, complete with breathtaking views of The Hideout's tree-lined grounds and the sparkling waters beyond.

    Combining open-air living with privacy and communion with Nature, this is an experience designed to help you unplug from chaos of modern life.

    The Hideout is a tech-free haven where rest and rejuvenation come easily. It is also an excellent destination for yoga and wellness programs, professional retreats, nature study, as well as five-star source of organic, authentic, and same-day fresh Thai cuisine (catering to carnivores, vegetarians and vegan, halal, and other special diets).

    Whether you're yearning to unwind with an unforgettable barefoot escape or are keen to experience holistic ways to unplug and relax — from private island-hopping treks in a traditional longtail boat to world class yoga & meditation experiences, traditional Muay Thai sessions, Reiki & Sound Healing, traditional cooking classes, bird watching, hiking, biking, or Thai healing practices — The Hideout has you covered!

    The Hideout is proud to use 100% renewable energy sources.

    What makes us special

    There is a secret waiting for you
    A refuge…an oasis…a sanctuary
    Tucked away from the World that you know
    Built from nature’s bounty, by those who call it Home
    Where the only sounds you’ll hear
    are the music of the jungle and sea
    And the only fear you’ll have
    Is missing a single moment of it
    Step back in time, away from your World
    to the hidden one that was made for You.

    Away from the World.

    There are no distractions - just unspoilt scenery and the sounds of the jungle
    Delicious food - from locally sourced and organic ingredients
    Sustainability practices - the energy used is 100% renewable

    Tour Program

    We offer various programs which we are happy to design together with you. Be it a digital detox, a de-stress, a cultural experience, nature experience or adventure.

    Bicycling in Koh Yao Noi Get ready to really see Koh Yao Noi’s nature and people and be prepared for a fun and challenging day. This tour combines small paved roads with very little traffic as well as some dirt tracks through jungle areas and rubber trees. Some of the off road sections are hilly and can be a bit challenging but don’t worry you can do it. We will drive through our small market town, rice paddies, pass mosques and fishing villages, through areas of natural jungle rich in plant life and fauna. We will stop at some places to get an insight in local crafts and farming. We will stop at a beach for lunch and a refreshing dip in the ocean.

    Bird Watching Koh Yao is one of the best places for bird watching. The island is home to many mangrove forests, which attract many birds such as White-bellied Sea-Eagles, Mangrove Whistlers, Mangrove Pittas, Flyeaters and Kingfishers. The Oriental Pied Hornbill is also easy to spot on Koh Yao Noi.

    Boat Trips & Island Hopping A must do and unforgettable memory is a boat trip in the traditional wooden longtail boats. Enjoy a relaxing day of sightseeing, swimming and snorkelling. Or have an adventurous boat trip with hidden mangrove kayaks, deep water soloing and relaxation at secluded beaches and islands. We’ll make a fire to cook your freshly caught fish on the beach. Get ready for a Cast Away boat trip and immerse in the natural wonders of this beautiful place. We will take care of everything.

    Fishing Most of the people on Koh Yao Noi, make their living from the islands natural resources. So do the local fishermen, who go fishing in their traditional wooden longtail boats. The fishermen here preserve their traditional small scale sustainable fishing practices. Enjoy either sunrise fishing or night fishing with a local fisherman. Go for shells, fish or crabs … and have your catch nicely prepared for dinner.

    Hiking & Jungle Trekking Hiking is not only a good fitness activity but also a great way to get close to nature. The forest of Koh Yao Noi is the perfect setting for it. You will hike unspoiled trails around and across the island. The scenery is breathtaking. You will explore lush green forests and learn about our plants, insects, lizards, birds and more.

    Kayaking Apart from being an excellent workout for your upper body, kayaking will give you a different, very special perspective of the islands beautiful landscapes. This activity is perfect for those who love nature and dislike crowds. We will explore mangrove forests and hidden lagoons, circle karst islands and spot animals. You will enjoy the beach and the ocean and relax at the same time.

    Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and a martial arts. It origins in the ancient battlefield tactics of the Siamese army. Muay Thai is an highly aerobic sport, which will increase, speed, strength, agility and cardio endurance — a perfect full body workout to get in shape. Apart from it’s physical benefits, Muay Thai training also offers mental benefits. It helps with stress management, increases your self-discipline, increases your motivation and helps you to concentrate and focus. THE HIDEOUT works together with our local Gym, whose owner and head trainer is a real Thai super star. We offer private or drop-in classes in small groups. Get ready for this unique experience!

    Rock Climbing Experience Koh Yao Noi from a different perspective. The island offers lot’s of climbing with amazing views. Climbers of all abilities are welcome. We have access to over 150 routes for beginners and experts alike. We work together with local guides, who will meet your individual needs.

    Spa & Massages We invite you to indulge in a relaxing massage in THE HIDEOUT and refill depleted energy levels. Our spa menu promotes traditional Thai healing practices and we use only naturally produced spa products.

    Visual Arts Get ready to create your masterpiece and bring a memory home. Visual Arts are a great way to de-stress, relax, get creative and keep your mind going. Visual arts play an integral role in our concept and therefore we offer various kinds of arts: Water Color painting Acryllic Painting Thai Local Batik with the local womens group Wood carving and many more …

    Yoga & Meditation Yoga practice is the basis for THE HIDEOUT PROGRAM. We have Yoga classes every morning to prepare you for your day. Some classes are more intense others focus on relaxation and stretching, to leave you centred and empowered. We work with all levels and our instructors will assist you throughout your stay.

    Reiki & Sound Healing Please inquire directly with us so we can design your perfect programme

    Starting price per person in €


    Additional Info

    We usually charge per room 2 pax occupancy from 4000 THB/room/night

    Community Programs

    Training and Internships, dual education, waste and implementation of sustainable practices programs. Only source local organic produce and goods, employ local staff

    Environmental Programs

    Only organic products, bio degradable, 100% renewable energy

    Rewards & Certificates

    Certificate of Excellence (TripAdvisor)

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    How To Come To Us

    The closest airports are Phuket and Krabi.
    From Phuket take the ferry from Bangrong Pier
    From Krabi either Thalen Pier or Aonang Pier

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