The Fit Wanderluster

Physical Therapist, Marathoner and Passionate Traveler

    About Me

    I’m a physical therapist, originally from Boston, Ma USA and now living abroad in France. I’m an 11 time marathoner, wanderlust, who's passion is to run and travel the world.

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    English - French

    About My Channel

    Working in healthcare, I’m passionate about living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. As a marathon runner, I’ve taken the opportunity to combine my passions of running and traveling by doing what I call “runcations”. This allows me to explore the world by foot, leaving a less carbon imprint and enrich my knowledge on cultures, cuisines and languages. I take you along this journey on my social media pages!

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    How It All Started

    I began my little social media hobby including traveling and running as a way for family back in the states to keep up with my all my doings when I moved abroad. My following grew and collaborating with great brands has made my little hobby a bit of a passion. Being able to inspire others with healthy choices and help my family, friends and like minded individuals live vicariously through me as I seek out my adventures.

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    Why Work With Me

    I’m an influencer for several brands that give back to the community because it’s something I care deeply about. For example: Janji - percentage goes back to clean water initiatives, Shady arrays - gives back 11 meals to Feeding America with every purchase, Sue Me - produces products that are recycled, organic, Fre Skincare - Plants Argan Trees in Morocco with every purchase, Via Fair Travel - promoting responsible, eco-friendly travel

    Brands That Already Trusted Me

    Nordstrom, Under Armour, Garmin, 361 Europe, Fre Skincare, Janji, Mind Over Matter Athlete, Shady Rays, Boa Fit System, Legend Compression Wear, Solepack, Regalo, Rootz Nutrition

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