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    We are Sam and Kez, a pair of super curious, incredibly nosy travellers. We got married in November 2017, and have been on loads of incredible adventures together already.

    If we had to describe who ourselves, we’d say that we are a value-focused travel couple who love navigating the world without breaking the bank. That said, we do occasionally treat ourselves to a bit of luxury, in a way that we like to call ‘Occasional Flashpacking’.

    Our favourite things to do include planning our travels, writing travel blogs, taking and editing our travel photos, and being outdoors.

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    About My Channel

    Welcome to So Today We Found, the travel blog for curious, budget-savvy, and switched on world travellers. If you are looking for down-to-earth, honest travel advice, secret must-sees, and bangin’ travel itineraries, then you’ve come to the right place!

    We are a travel couple who have built up a solid, loyal following of extremely engaged followers. Our engagement rate is currently sitting at 16.5% and we are growing every day. We average between 1000-1500 profile views per week on Instagram, and about 100-200 views per week on our blog. Our most engaged with post has approximately 18k impressions, 1.8k likes, and 200+ comments.

    Our audience is predominantly aged between 25-34 years old, located in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. We have a pretty balanced gender following too, but women come out slightly on top.

    We operate largely across Instagram and our blog, however we are slowly branching out into YouTube and vlogging.

    We are heavily into sustainable living and eco-friendly travel, and this is something we are keen to focus more on this year, and to really spread the message out to our follower base.

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    How It All Started

    Started originally as a way for us to keep in touch with our families and friends back in the UK as we embarked on our world travels, So Today We Found has grown into a worldwide community of travellers and explorers alike through the power of social media. We are all about supporting the fellow nomad and we love to hear about our follower's adventures as well as sharing expertise of our own.

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    England - Australia - Iceland

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    United States - United Kingdom - Australia

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    We commit 100% to any work we are offered through So Today We Found. We have worked with hotels and tourism boards who have always praised our work very highly. Our followers are extremely loyal and highly engaged, and we work hard to grow our following every day. This is our business, not just a hobby, and we love what we do. We approach each task with meticulous organisation and planning, and will never submit half-finished or subpar work to a client or collaboration. We are just at the start of our journey, and have already achieved so much. We, as well as our followers, are excited to continue travelling and sharing our stories.

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    Margaret River Tourist Board, Pacific Hotels, Mapiful

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