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    About Me

    I am Sigrid a travel blogger and part of Roadtrippers of the Sun. I am co-founder of Roadtrippers of the Sun and I write articles for this blog. I run my Instagram account @sigridofthesun but my partner Bryan takes all the pictures. This is the place where our followers get to see more of who we are and where we are at the moment. Our blog is the main place to inspire our readers and to make a change in their travels. Bryan and I both love to travel and enjoy new places and cultures. We love to explore the world.

    Language (s) that I Speak

    English and Dutch

    About My Channel

    Roadtrippers of the Sun is a travel blog for all who wants to travel easier, cheaper and better. We share our own experiences and stories but we also give practical tips to make your travels better. We try to inspire our readers to travel differently and most important: we want to let them see you can go wherever you want to. Don't let dreams just be dreams!

    I Communicate In

    English on Social Media - Dutch on the blog (and English translation)

    How It All Started

    We are addicted to traveling, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. Almost 2 Years a go, me and my partner Bryan wanted to share our experiences of traveling with a small community of friends and family but our visitors suddenly grew fast and we inspired more and more people along the way. We both love to write and Bryan is an excellent photographer. Those two combined is the perfect match to start a travelblog. And we love it!

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    Mexico-United States of America-...

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    Belgium-The Netherlands-United States-Spain-Mexico-United Kingdom

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    Why Work With Me

    We are both hard workers and we strive to perfection. We want to create long lasting relationships with brands and we only work with brands we really appreciate. We both, the company and us, have to benefit from a collaboration, That is the only way to do great things and to manage growth. Not only do we have the skills to take good pictures and write decent articles, I think we're also good at heart. We work with the right intentions and we try to help others, with our blog, to create a different lifestyle so they can enjoy better travels. We are two honest people that adore to travel and connect and if we go for something, we try to do it the best way possible.

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    Vacansoleil-Sunny Cars-Hannover Hameln-Cheaptickets-...

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