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I'm a Conscience Traveller sharing a Culture of Wellness from around the world!

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    I am sharing my experiences and hope to convey our sameness as the human family that includes our various colors of the same rainbow. You have the power to make your own happiness and live your full potential. Live your truth as a Traveler, Inventor, Activist, or anything you are passionate about. Don’t worry about how long it may take, as long as you move in that direction. Have a clear goal and work towards it! If your goal is unclear, work toward clarity. We are here to be happy in this lifetime, Full Stop!

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    We are the Conductors of our own personal orchestras. We are the Main Characters in our own stories. We are the captains of our own ships.
    The power is in our hands to decide who we are and where we are going. As we make our way on this incredible journey called life, we have the power to create value out of every situation depending on our perspective. If you aren’t quite satisfied with where you are now in life, change it! We can either accept our lot in life or work towards living our truth to make ourselves happy and not just “fine”.
    You can make a Big change like I did, make a Small change, or take Small steps to making a Big change. Whatever your passion, follow it!

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    How It All Started

    I left the home I bought nearly 11 years ago as my piece of New York, my home town. The time has come for me to move onto the next chapter of my life. I have stepped into my new life as a Digital Nomad and I’m still finding my feet. As I slowly shift from “vacation mode” to “this is my life mode ” I’m adjusting my perspective on nearly everything I’ve experienced as a Tourist now that I’m a Conscious Traveler. I appreciate my fellow travelers more than I did as a Tourist passing through a village or a city. The sense of urgency I had in my previous, sedentary life is beginning to evaporate. I know where I need to go and I know how long it should take to get there. I’m worry free in regards to getting things done because they will get done as long I just take it 1 step at a time.

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    Northern India-Southern Sri Lanka-Malaysia-United States

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    United States

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    I'm living my passion about Traveling, Wellness, and Living a Conscious Lifestyle. Currently, there are many things in the world that are dividing humanity. I aim to partner and share the Good Work that is being done by organizations whose ethos is in harmony with my own to make our only home a better one!