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    Company Description

    The home not only welcomes you but makes your travel goals happen. An experience lies in every corner of the home that invites you. Nartitee is overflowing with history and character and also proudly cherishing a 2500 year-old culture. The home has a taste of fire and smells of fresh bread. Here, the pomegranate and tamarind trees are in rhyme and sing a song and dance with wind. Here, everything is communicating with nature. You are encouraged to reconnect with nature too. The home is surely blessed by your presence.

    What makes us special

    Zoroastrians Lifestyle. Eating pomegranates in pomegranate garden. biking around the village. Homemade dishes. be familiar about zoroastrian's culture.

    Tour Program

    Eating breakfast in Nartitee (Zoroastrian style greeting), Visiting the villages including Cham, Mobarakeh and Zein Abad, Eating lunch in Nartitee, Resting , Visiting Yazd, Fire Temple, Markar Museum and historical old town, Eating dinner in Nartitee, Resting and sleeping.

    Eating breakfast in Nartitee (explaining the attraction you will visit), Driving to Farashah (Islamiyeh) and visiting the Eagle Mountain and Old plane tree, Visiting old Cypress of Abarkuh, Aghazadeh Mansion and felting workshop, Eating lunch, Driving back to Nartitee, Resting, Participating in the Sirog bread cooking, Experiencing companionship and strolling in Rahat Abad village.

    Zoroastrian style greeting and welcoming, strolling in the village and visiting Saredeh Fire Temple , Participating in Sirog bread cooking, Eating lunch at Nartitee, Resting, Visiting Yazd, Eating dinner at Nartitee or Sadri Garden (Namir), Having a nice soiree.

    Having breakfast in Nartitee, Moving forward to Meybod, visiting Narin Castle, Pigeon Tower, mud-brick Ice House and shopping, Driving to Chak Chak, Eating late lunch in Mazrakalantar village, Resting, Back to Nartitee, Participating in cooking bread baked in the oven or a night of music.

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    Community Programs

    We buy all of the stuffs from local people, we try to introduce the culture to our guests.

    Environmental Programs

    We reduce the amount of consuming water, renting bicycle.

    Rewards & Certificates

    We are 1st ranked on Tripadvisor website.
    Nartitee Ecolodge is highly recommended in some of the most famous travel books such as Lonely Planet and some of the French and German travel books.

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    you can come here by taxi or by bus from yazd.
    we are in the way of yazd to shiraz.

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