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    Hi, i am Karen. A belgian girl, 23 yo and of course... I LOVE traveling!
    I am currently studying for my Masters in Psychology, but if I am not studying, you will find me somewhere else in the world, and preferably as far as possible!
    Every year I make one or more trips (outside of Europe) to explore the world little by little!

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    Hi there!
    On my instagram page, you can find my latest travels, tips and advice and so much more!
    I love to get inspired on the gram and use this inspriation for my next travels! I hope I can inspire people too with my page.
    Always open for questions or just for a chat about traveling!
    Hope to hear from you soon!

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    I actually started travelling alone from the age of 16. Then I did an exchange with a Canadian girl and I started living with them in their family for 2 weeks. The following year, I did the same thing again, but with a girl from mexico. The 'travel virus' has really caught me since then, and I can often be found abroad. I like to travel as much as possible, to unique, non-touristy places, preferably in nature as much as possible.

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    With my high engagement rate (average 15%), I interact a lot with my followers. They follow me because i'm always giving honest travel tips and love people helping out planning their travels.

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