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    About Me

    I am a Canadian Travel Blogger that uses any time I can to explore the world. I am a photographer, content creator and social media influencer.

    I do my best to utilize my social media influence in order to promote global and societal progression. Whether this may be in relation to natural disasters and/or humanitarian crisis’, I seek to raise recognition of many issues to boost awareness and facilitate potential aid.

    I also love to inspire others to set goals and work hard towards them, regardless if they are travel related or not. I truly believe in the power of the mind and as long as the mindset stays positive and consistent, anything can be achieved and this is what I always remind my followers.

    Language (s) that I Speak

    English - Farsi - Spanish

    About My Channel

    My channel is meant for all those who are currently on a trip, planning a future trip, or just looking to be inspired to explore and reach their goals. My favorite thing to do is to showcase a new location that I have visited in the most beautiful way to attract more tourists to the destination. I do this via photos, videos, and blog posts. Additionally, I try to be as beneficial as possible to all my followers. This is done by providing raw, unadulterated content in my blogs and post captions. Using my “#MariTip” segments, I try to prevent my followers from making the same mistakes I made during my travels, and this has been hugely appreciated by most of them. This helps me connect with my followers in ways I otherwise wouldn’t, and this relationship makes leveraging my social influence for change much more impactful.

    I Communicate In

    English - Farsi - Spanish

    How It All Started

    I am a social media influencer because I love the positive impact that I can make on those from around the globe. I know how influential the online world is and I love that I can use my own motivation and perseverance to inspire others to follow their dreams as well. My social media influence means nothing to me if I cannot make a positive impact on not only my followers, but also countries from around the world.

    I firmly believe that social power should always be translated to positive and constructive change, especially in the context of our society today. It is a huge disservice to the global community to not do so. As such, I genuinely look forward to finding more ways in which I can inspire positive energy through effective social change using the platforms I have built.

    Figures About My Readers & Followers
    My Readers & Followers Come From

    United States of America - Philippines - Canada - India - Brazil

    Collaboration Opportunities
    Why Work With Me

    I believe that I’m an ideal influencer to collaborate with because of the meaningful relationship I have developed with my followers. There is a strong sense of trust and loyalty, and I know that they all follow my content and read my reviews and blogs.

    By developing long-term relationships with everybody, the growth of my social media platform will parallel the growth of all my partners.

    My outgoing personality allows me to seamlessly create new relationships with all kinds of people whilst making them feel comfortable. Teamwork requires comfort, and my optimized skills in teamwork and my friendliness would be a huge asset to all collaborators.

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