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    Lost Tribe is a team of creatives who love to travel the world. We value:

    We only have one Planet Earth, and we believe it is the responsibility of us all to protect it. We are passionate about partnering with businesses and projects that use sustainable practices and eco-friendly products in the tourism and hospitality industry.

    We value diversity highly, and recognize the importance and benefits of supporting creatives from all walks of life no matter the nationality, race, gender, sexuality, or religion. We aim to build meaningful relationships with people all around the world in order to share authentic stories from different viewpoints.

    We aim to collaborate with businesses and projects that support local communities through employment, and personal and social development.

    Recognising excellence in the work of others throughout the tourism and hospitality industry. We are inspired by those who are committed and passionate about their projects and properties.

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    Lost Tribe is a digital travel magazine sharing authentic stories, travel guides and recommendations to inspire sustainable travel and adventures around the world.

    Travel and tourism can have a powerful and positive impact for travellers and communities, by opening minds, emphasizing the value of diversity, and sharing knowledge and beliefs. Our aim is to focus on local businesses in the tourism industry to share spectacular destinations and exciting experiences that are sustainable and positively impact their local communities.

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    Lost Tribe Mag started several years ago when an extended trip to Thailand made us realize that there's more to life than the 9-5. We wanted to create a platform where people could share their stories and inspire others to travel. Travelling the world really opened our eyes to the impact that tourism can have, which lead us to focus our efforts on supporting and encouraging sustainable tourism. Now we pride ourselves on supporting businesses who are doing their bit to help protect the planet, working to raise awareness and encourage people to think about these things when planning a trip.

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    We are a team of highly motivated people who love to travel. We are passionate about sustainable tourism, environmental protection, wildlife conservation and supporting local communities. We are dedicated to producing high quality content that is engaging, inspiring and educational for our highly engaged audience.

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