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    Always wanted to experience (more of) the real Indonesia, and enjoy world-class adventure activities between your hammock sessions?

    May we welcome you to LooLa then!

    The region’s most exciting and diverse programs for families, schools, companies, clubs & societies, parties & weddings, summer camps, and for leadership or team bonding.

    Right in Bintan’s rural heartland, along its most beautiful coastal strip, you’ll find our luxury eco villas, the classic LooLa chalets, dormitories, restaurants, all built in local style above the sea or at the beach.

    Visit our website, loola.net & see why LooLa is the destination of choice for Singapore schools; for families with (very young) children; and for companies, churches and clubs – who love our exclusive (and green) programs and our unique isolated location.

    Curious about what sustainability (eco) means for LooLa, and what it could mean for you?
    Visit loola.net/eco

    What makes us special

    The business brings benefits to the local community: materials are sourced locally, LooLa’s staff is 100% local and receive significant Personal Development, as well as the right to run their own (shop) business on & off site. The company furthermore spends close to 100 K per year on Corporate Social Responsibility in cooperation with its guests.

    Resource efficiency: by deciding not to offer air-con or hot showers, by collecting rainwater, and by running the whole resort and the new eco villas on sun power, we achieve a very low ecological footprint.

    Respect for natural environment: we have planted over 10 hectare of mangroves and trees and have a chemical-free insect control program.

    Transparent, inspirational and copyable solutions : all our solutions are open-source, we share successes and failures freely, others can copy what we do, and we hope they will!

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    Additional Info

    We have 3 kinds of accomodation:
    - 2 Eco Villas (minimum 7 pax each villa)
    - 6 Sea Chalets (minimum 2 pax each chalet)
    - Dormitories (for large groups / school groups / adventurous personalities)

    Community Programs

    LooLa engaged, from day 1, in a unique win-win formula: invite guests to do community projects at cost. Like this, the guest feels great because they know that every dollar they spend and every hour they work is to the direct benefit for local people; the local community wins; the staff wins because they are seen as local heros; and the business wins because more people want to buy a ticket to LooLa
    The death of the young daughter of LooLa’s cook, as a result of insufficient sanitation at home, motivated LooLa to develop systems pioneered by UNICEF after the 2004 tsunami. Our guests built close to 250 such systems for local village homes since 2014.

    Our company is now united around compelling visions:
    everybody must feel good about the job they do; and everybody must know that what they do is important.
    we are united in delivering a good service to our guests and our community
    we proudly believe in equal rights for every individual – nobody is more important than anybody else.
    we have a big dream: deliver life-saving sanitation systems to all villagers in Indonesia.

    Environmental Programs

    Leveraging on our eco awards, early 2017 we got great university and corporate partners and managed to obtain enough funds to do a 2 year research project into optimising household sanitation systems, in which we managed to create an optimised model that delivers all the health, social and economic benefits we could wish for, and the system costs the same as the traditional systems it replaces.

    Rewards & Certificates

    World's Most Responsible Tourism Operator 2015

    Singapore's Most Sustainable SME 2016 & 2017

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    How To Come To Us

    From Singapore to Bintan and back via Ferry (We usually book it for you)
    Flights from other Indonesian cities available into Batam & Bintan

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