Leverancier van Schoonheid

Always looking for beauty, in words and images.

    About Me

    I'm a freelance photographer/journalist with more than 15 years of experience. I write and photograph for magazines, books (lifestyle and cookbooks) companies and publishers. Thanks to my interests, my clients are very different. I always strive to capture true beauty and the essence of either food, travels and/or architecture.

    Being 40+, I attract an audience with time to travel and a budget to spend.

    Language (s) that I Speak

    Dutch, English, German

    About My Channel

    "Leverancier van Schoonheid" translates into "Supplier of Beauty". I focus on Travel, Architecture and Food, not necessarily in that order ? I want to inspire people to travel, look around and see the beauty in common things. You don't need to travel to the other end of the world in order to find true beauty, although it can be totally mesmerizing to discover new cultures and meet the locals.


    I Communicate In

    Dutch, English

    How It All Started

    I studied Communication where the love for words comes from. After owning a café/restaurant, I started studying photography at age 27. I always had an eye for aesthetics and discovered that creating complete features (words and images) was the perfect way to keep everything under control. Thanks to my experience, I can guarantee very readable articles, combined with stunning pictures.

    I Have Extensive Knowledge About

    Belgium, The Netherlands, Australia, South Africa, Spain, France, Norway, Sweden.

    Figures About My Readers & Followers
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    Why Work With Me

    Thanks to my 15 year experience I can guarantee high quality features. I seek beauty in words and images and always deliver substantial articles. My target audience is 40+ with time to travel and a budget to spend.

    Brands That Already Trusted Me

    Austria Wine, Visit Austria, Gallia, Inner Track, Only You hotels Madrid, 7 islas Hotel Madrid, Hotel The Saul Tel Aviv, Florentin House Tel Aviv, Dar Kawa Marrakech,

    Awards & Certificates

    Nominated after one year of blogging for the Travel Blog awards 2018, category Best Culinary

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