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    I qualified after a 4 year degree to be a primary school teacher, as well as working as a travel agent, however I suppose that I never truly felt happiness with the long hours and general restraints with working for somebody else.
    Never feeling truly comfortable at home and always having itchy feet, we really wanted to start living life, having adventures to make memories, following the path of the unknown and coming outside of the comfort bubble. Travel to us is about experiencing other cultures, meeting new people and taking yourself away from the ordinary as well as discovering who you are.
    Fourteen months later after taking that first flight, we are here in Australia, on a working holiday visa and saving up for the next adventure.

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    Karen_linzi and amongstLocals is a platform to inspire people that they too can travel the world if they took the necessary steps. I like to showcase the countries that we visit; the landscape, off the beaten path, local food and how to get from A to B. Additionally, I also touch upon the less glamorous side of travel, showing the true realities of travel and backpacking behind the scenes.

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    Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Singapore, UK, Italy.

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    United Kingdom and United States.

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    My goal is to travel the world full time and build up a following that can rely on me for my honest opinions and genuine personality. I aim to inspire and give people the courage to follow their dreams; no matter how big or small.

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