Travel as a tool for self-discovery

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    I love adventures and I am always up for a trip. I secretly work for a trip around the world, and I am confident that dreams do come true, especially when you work on them.

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    I blog about travel, travel stories, guides, things to do and how to use travel as a tool for self-discovery.

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    I started blogging a long time ago, and I went through all different phases, from beauty to volunteering. Now I am committed to writing about travel, but also the lifestyle of a traveller. I aim to inspire people to live for experiences, not things.

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    United States

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    I am very passionate about my work and I only promote or talk about products or services which have impressed me and which I use on my own. I always strive to meet deadlines and never try to deceive my followers or my readers. Community comes before all.

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    Wombat's Hostels, Berlin Tourism Board, Zaga Brand - Romania, Metaxa, Via Fair Travel

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