A journey of two wild souls, travelling the world, in a quest to find home on earth

    About Me

    We are Patricia & Miguel, a portuguese couple who quit their jobs to make real connections with real people and find home on Earth.
    Patricia was born on a powerful sunset, and Miguel during the strong spring sun. The sun is part of our life, but it was under the moonlight that we fell in love.
    We met at college but then our lives took different paths. After 3 years without saying a word to each other, the universe decided to join us.
    It was a full moon summer night and a really special music concert that changed our lives forever. We moved from our country,left everything behind and went to work abroad, but around our twenties, we quit our jobs, searching for a better purpose in life. We are exploring our beautiful planet while sharing light & love with wonderful communities and amazing human beings. We love creating, exploring, and meeting new people. This is our journey to a life full of sunshine!

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    English - Portuguese

    About My Channel

    We aim to create unique memories around the world and share them with our community of like minded followers. As Ethical influencers, we believe that we can leave a positive imprint by setting up an example, and that's what we aim for with our digital work: To inspire, and be inspired, by every single one of you.


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    How It All Started

    After we couldn't find a place to be in Portugal, a job opportunity came in the countryside of Ireland. We had everything there, the 'perfect' house, car and job but that never really fulfilled us. Our desire resided with something higher. We were unhappy and hit depression there, so we stopped and listened to our hearts. Soon we realized what we wanted to do: to be completely free and share our heart with the world. So we quit our jobs, sold all our belongings, put on the backpacks and started to travel the world.

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    USA - Portugal - UK

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    We do believe on the powers of social media influencing, and that's why we chose to take advantage of this power, to show people that is possible to live in harmony with our planet, and to be truly happy by doing it. We love to raise awareness through inspirational texts and photography, always leaving a hook, to make people think about their actions and start questioning. By doing it, people will slowly become aware of the impact of their actions, and therefore start living more consciously and influence others to do the same. This chain reaction effect is the most powerful one and that's why we value people, we value our community and make deep connections with it. We are all one, for the planet and for humanity!

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    Members of Ethical Influencers UK