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    We're Jules and Christine, adventure travelers and passionate responsible tourism advocates. We've been traveling around the world since 2012 and we don't have plans to stop anytime soon! Ask us anything!

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    At Don’t Forget To Move we help promote and inspire adventure travel and responsible tourism around the world. We show our highly engaged audience how to see the world authentically, through captivating stories, professional photography and entertaining videos. As digital influencers, we use our unique voice to give exposure to brands, destinations and communities that share our passion for sustainable adventure travel.

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    With a love for inspiring others, we decided to start our blog back in 2013 as a way to share our experiences and help inspire people to travel and see the world. 6 years later we're happy to have achieved that goal and want to continue to use our voice to inspire many more.

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    Cuba, USA, Mexico, Philippines, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, Guyana, Spain, Estonia, Bulgaria, Cambodia,

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    USA, Canda, UK, Australia

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    IHG, Michelin, LifeStraw, JetBlue, Holiday Inn, SkyScanner, Expedia, Toyota, Visit California, Visit Philippines, World Travel and Tourism Coucil

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    Silver at 2018 TBC Awards for Best Responsible Tourism Blog

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