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    We are Zsuzsi and Dante, two adventurous souls who fell in love with life and with each other during their exchange semesters and their travels in North Europe. Since than we have been through a long distance relationship, a lot of travels through Europe, and a 3 months trip in Mexico.
    Dante is Mexican, Zsuzsi is Hungarian. We got married in the summer of 2018 and since then we're Vienna based part-time travellers. We started our blog in August 2018 and we're writing travel guides on our blog. We run our Instagram since longer than that and we love to connect with our community there. We're both passionate about photography, editing, travelling. Nature and sustainability are very important for both of us and we're sharing our eco living and travelling with our community on social media as well.

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    English, Spanish, Hungarian, German, French

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    DeerTraveler is a sustainable and eco travel blog with travel guides, written by an international travel couple. After our long trip to Mexico we realised how important it is to have a positive impact on our environment while we travel. That's why we educate our community about eco travel and eco living as well. Sustainable travel is the core value of our blog: DeerTraveler is aiming to inspire people to explore the world responsibly. Our Instagram is a travel couple channel, where we share eco tips, zero waste tips with our community as well.
    Our audience can read travel guides to European cities and Mexican regions, but articles about relationships, photography as well. Right now we're working on improving our blog and producing more blogposts about our travels.

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    Mexico, Austria, Europe

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