Coucoo Grands Cépages

We welcome you for an out of time escape at the heart of the nature.

    Company Description

    Coucoo Grands Cépages is located in the vines of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. At 20 km from Avignon, the Coucoo experience is enjoyed horizontally - no need to climb – with three types of cabins: floating, on stilts and covered in vegetation! Designed to be in perfect harmony with the environment, they boast a very Mediterranean style and design with spacious openings that allow the sun to live the good life.


    Named Bacchus, Parenthèse, Lavande, Millésime, Bora Bora... the names of the 15 cabins instantly evoke disconnection, quietude and pleasure. The Italian architect, Marco Lavit, has taken care to add a sense of fun to the various cabins. It is therefore not surprising to find hammocks built into the terraces on stilts or to sleep in a ‘green’ hut, just like Bilbo Baggins.


    Another feat and a great first for Coucoo is the construction of a selfsufficient floating cabin. A real jewel of innovation, the cabin is totally autonomous, sporting solar panels coupled with wind turbines and benefiting from an ecological sanitary system that uses recovered rainwater. Ideal for a 100% eco-friendly holiday!


    Finally, and to better embody the values of exchange and sharing of the South of France, a magnificent biological infinity pool offers everyone the opportunity to cool off in the midst of the vines! To adopt this natural setting is to seek out the riches of Provence and the emotion provided by Coucoo, for precious and timeless memories.

    What makes us special

    - 15 different cabins so you can come as many time as you want and discover a new cabin.
    - We work with local producers for our breakfast and dinner baskets.
    - You will spend an unforgettable stay in a beautiful and natural environment.
    - We respect nature and minimize at best our impact on our environment.

    Starting price per person in €


    Additional Info

    Floating cabins: 6 duos
    Cabins on stilts: 7 including 2 family-sized (3 to 6 people)
    ‘Green’ cabins: 1 duo and 1 family-sized (3 to 5 people)
    Prices: from €180 to €325 per night, breakfast included

    Community Programs

    At Coucoo, the local, as well as the healthy and organic, is sacred. True ecosystems of local producers are created around each new resort. The expertise of market-gardeners, producers and farmers as well as bee-keepers, bakers, cheese-makers and wine-makers from the surrounding region is also to the fore in Coucoo’s gourmet baskets.
    We also work with local partners to propose activities for our guests.

    Environmental Programs

    The architecture of each of the cabins was painstakingly designed for the best possible integration in a wild environment. They are systematically inspired by the local flora and fauna and custom-built for each situation. Coucoo makes sure to choose ecological materials and natural types of wood such as larch and Douglas fir which need no chemical treatment. The cabins are all insulated with sheep wool.

    For cabins equipped with electricity, priority is given to appliances with low consumption, and extra lighting is provided by solar panels. Upon arrival, the guest is handed a ‘Coucoo charter’ outlining the numerous tips on respecting the environment,
    energy conservation, selective sorting of refuse and everything it takes to become a perfect citizen of the forest.

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