By the Ocean we Unite – sailing the plastic soup

Sail the plastic soup!

    Company Description

    As a Dutch-based registered charity we take people out sailing to show them the beauty of the waters of this planet while at the same time having them undergo the confrontation with the omnipresent (tiny) plastic (particles) by conducting research on board the ship. Always in a fun and positive way, providing them with the tools to change their behavior. Our expeditions are a platform for collaboration between scientists, the general public, organisations, influencers and government(al bodies).


    As spin-off we give lectures, screen our two documentaries, organize an annual free access symposium, run an eco-island project in the Mediterranean and are involved with a growing variety of public events involving the general crowd in our journey and the global challenge of plastic pollution.


    Major Expeditions - Expedition Denmark 2018
    Once or twice a year we organize a 'Major Expedition', a two- or three-week during sailing expedition with as main goals:

    • sparking the love for the beautiful waters of this planet
    • conducting scientific research into plastics in our waters (in collaboration with a variety of institutes)
    • increasing international awareness on the saturation of our waters with (small) plastic particles and what we can do about it (the research is a means to do so)
    • exchanging knowledge
    • taking people with us in a fun and active way to grow the movement of Ocean Ambassadors
    • creating public engagement to instigate change

    What makes us special

    A unique experience combining an incredible sailing adventure with learning all about plastic pollution and what we can do about it from our experienced crew of sailors, scientists and environmentalists.

    Starting price per person in €


    Community Programs

    During the expeditions we visit local communities to empower them to reduce their plastic footprint.

    Environmental Programs

    We conduct research into plastic pollution to influence policy, while at the same time creating global awareness by taking people out sailing and having them experience the challenge of plastic pollution firsthand. We teach, educate and activate people and organisations (groups of people :)) to instigate behavioral change.

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