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    ¡Hola! Hello!

    We are Caleb and Linda, full-time travellers, photographers and videographers passionate about exploring the world in a responsible way and leading an adventurous, yet sustainable lifestyle!

    Originally from Argentina and the UK (though Linda has Dutch and Belgian roots!), we met in a hostel in Scotland during the summer of 2016 and decided to continue travelling the world together! Travel has become our lifestyle; we like to do volunteer work and spend a longer time in each country that we visit - this way we can meet and understand the people better, and learn more about their culture and the way they live. We travel as ethically as we can and have made several changes to our lifestyle to minimize our footprints on the planet.

    We also carry a skateboard and a yoga mat with us so that we can continue to do some of the things we love wherever we are, and we love all things food related!

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    English - Spanish - Dutch

    About My Channel

    Bamboo & Backpacks is a media platform designed to inspire and encourage fellow explorers to travel in a more responsible and ethical way - and still have a lot of fun doing it! ​

    Via Instagram, our vlog and blog we share real stories about our own travel and backpacking experiences proving that you can visit amazing places, eat delicious food, and participate in exciting activities whilst doing your best to respect the local culture, environment and people.

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    English - Spanish

    How It All Started

    In 2016 we spent six months exploring the tropical beaches and jungles of South East Asia together. We were often shocked to witness the extent to which human actions are impacting our planet, from garbage floating in the sea, to thousands of scooters polluting the cities, and plastic littering even the remotest of places. It was devastating to see and we quickly became concerned about what is happening to the wildlife and nature that we share the Earth with.

    When we came back to Europe we thought a lot about this issue. What could we do to make a difference?

    We started by making changes to our own lifestyle, both at home and on the road! Then we created Bamboo & Backpacks, a space where we can share our sustainable journey with other like-minded people, spread awareness of the importance of conscious living and hopefully inspire others to start their own journey to an eco-friendly lifestyle!

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    Argentina - United Kingdom - Netherlands - Belgium - France - Romania - Slovenia - Poland - Thailand - Malaysia - Indonesia - Vietnam - Cambodia - Laos - United States

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    United States - United Kingdom - Argentina - Australia - India

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    Using a Canon 700D and DJI Mavic Pro drone, and a combined skill set comprising videography and photography in the fields of travel, food, landscape and wildlife, and portraits we are able to deliver high quality visual content that will tell your story in an engaging and creative way. We are sustainability advocates and love to work with like-minded people to share more knowledge about eco-projects and lifestyles.

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    Heritage Hotel, Bruges - Restaurant JOOST

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