the travelin' blonde

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    A solo female traveler and also a travel mum ☺

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    english - french

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    Travel pictures and travel tips for girls, women and mothers around the world

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    english - french

    How It All Started

    As I'm not a professional traveler i've been "instagramming" in private for years, mostly about my solo trips around the world.
    My 1st solo travel was in 2011: after a breakup I decided to buy a plane ticket to Dubai for 2 days after.. I didnt know why, nor what i was going To do there
    Now I can say it was a revelation.
    Today, one country after the other, i'm ready to share my experience with other people and especially with women and mothers. I want every one of them to feel confident enough To do it too.
    Sometimes it Will be hard, sometimes you'll feel bored or sad or you'll even get lost..
    but you will be FREE
    like you have never been before

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    France, UAE, Japan, Vietnam,

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    France, UK, USA, India

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