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    I'm a content creator from the UK, I create video and photo content based around Travel and Style.

    I have learnt ways to portray media in my own personal style that hopefully resonate with my audience. Exciting views, and dreamy landscapes paired with modern imagery and trend is my vibe.

    I started a Creative Agency, specialising in connecting Content Creators with Unique destinations all over the world. My Aim is to connect and create experiences and outstanding Media output. This has been a fun adventure!

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    Hi! My name’s Ama, Born and Raised in London. Just here figuring out my journey. Creating inspiring content as I go along. I have always been mesmerised by Travel, The Earths form and beautiful sights and places. That entwined with my love for Fashion and Beauty and to capture that and share whilst inspiring myself and potentially others is a dream! Hope you Enjoy my Journey!

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    How It All Started

    I do what I do, partly because I fell into it whilst at university studying Finance, I went on my first content creation trip and felt the most creative and inspired I ever have. From then I decided to chase that feeling, turn it into a career and hopefully make a positive impact with my creation.

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    Indonesia-Trinidad and Tobago-Barbados-Italy-UK

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    If you work with me I will create authentic creative and visually engaging content for your brand. I aim to tell a story and will try hard to promote the ethos you represent and share with people that would be interested in engaging.

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    Kuruoba Maldibes, Maafushivaru Maldives, Turkish Tourism Board, Voss Water, Levis, Maybelline

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