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The world is too big to stay in one place

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    I'm a Brazilian- Spanish woman who is inspired to live the fullest and for me that means exploring every corner of this world.
    Hoping to meet you along the way!

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    English- Portuguese - Spanish

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    From Rio de Janeiro to the world. I'm inspired by people, nature and culture. Honestly, there's is no such thing as uninteresting place for me but im wildly on live for the sea.
    There is always something beautiful and unique to see and live, you just have to keep your eyes wide open ?
    (PT) A raíz é carioca mas os sonhos são do mundo. Apaixonada pelos destinos, pelas pessoas, pelo novo e principalmente pelo desafio. 28 anos não me mostraram 1/3 do que o mundo tem para oferecer.

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    English- Portuguese - Spanish

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    Spain - Brazil - Portugal - Croatia

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    Brazil - Portugal

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