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    Hi there, my name is Irina, from Romania. Currently, I am a full time traveler, that started her lifetime adventure through South-East Asia, in September 2018, together with her husband.
    My love for traveling begun at some point in my childhood, while exploring Romania and some other beautiful countries from Europe. Later on, I started to discover the world, through my role as a Cabin Crew, within Emirates Airlines. I had seen places that maybe I would have never had the opportunity to see otherwise. Or at least that's what I thought back then. Now, I see things from a different perspective, I want to see the world by myself, well, with my partner :) and I am convinced that, as long as I have my good health, I will travel my whole life.

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    From a combined passion for photography and travel, I am striving to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and to explore our beautiful planet. Trying to develop a creative content, motivated by a profound love for what I do.

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    "A dream in a suitcase" was born in the last months of our residency in Dubai, after almost 7 years of responsibilities, savings and feeling the pressure of society for playing by the books. So, at some point, I dared to dream bigger, to want to escape that reality and to be free somewhere on an island or near a mountain, where life could actually be simple, but yet meaningful. I decided to combine my passion for photography with my strong desire of discovering incredible places and took a leap of faith and followed my dream.

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    I am a dedicated person that is enjoying every moment of this life on the road. I commit to do my best and to deliver a beautiful, creative content. Finding inspiration in all this beauty around us, I love to immortalize moments, feelings and faces through my camera's lens. Let me tell your story!

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