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    Hello, I am Negar. A female Iranian avid traveler and writer. I consider myself as a world nomad.


    I have studied Cinema in conservatory school and have been graduated in the field of dramatic literature in university.


    I've always been interested in other countries and cultures. I have read and studied about specific trends and habits. This has motivated me to run a business specifically oriented to creative and culture tours. That is what I alwyas dreamed of and now I have achieved it.


    Through my instagram page I hope to inspire other travelers. I aim to show the beauty of my country and other countries. I do this through my writing and my photographing and through my social media channels.



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    I am eager to share my travel diaries in the virtual world of Instagram with those who like travel. I take them to the places I visit, and hope to inspire them to visit them as well.

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    I started my Instagram page because of two main reasons.
    The First reason is my great passion for writing and the second is that I, as an Iranian woman, have been asked about my country and my lifestyle by many foreigners that I have met.

    There are many people who still think Iran is a big dessert involved in an endless war. And that a girl in this chaotic country is the most miserable being ever.

    She probably is a great stereotypical oppressed housewife, who should ask permission for all her actions. Even drinking a glass of water. Or having to struggle a lot to overcome obstacles made by a sexist society.

    These things are far from the truth but I totally understand the misconception.
    I know my homeland and Iranian lifestyle is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the world. They shape our visions of the world. But traveling has been teaching me the real world. It has so many differences with what we see in the news. My goal is to introduce Iran, as it is in reality, with its multi-cultural atmosphere, friendly people, delicious food and traditions, etc...

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    I know Iran by heart. I have been writing, traveling and touring around the country. So i have extensive knowledge about it.
    My audience on instagram is an engaged audience which is very interesting for brands who I work with.

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