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Welcome to Via Fair Travel

Via Fair Travel is a travel platform where you find a collection of unique tourism and hospitality experiences organized by companies that care about you, their staff, their community, and the planet. Via Fair Travel puts travelers in direct contact with these companies without the interference of big tour operators or travel agents.

We believe that the actual organizers of your holiday should benefit the most from your visit so that they can generate greater economic benefits for local people, improve working conditions and enhance the well-being of host communities. We genuinely believe that tourism companies who care about both the environment and their staff are also likely to take better care of their guests. Each of our partners strives to be sustainable across as many areas of their business as possible.

What we and our partners have in common

Our values

Environmentally sustainable

Ensuring public health, safety and sound environmental management

Genuine and authentic

Supporting the celebration of local culture and tradition

Economically sustainable

Involving the local business community and enhancing local community employment during and beyond the holiday season

Nature and scenery

Protecting scenic views, habitats and wildlife, and respecting animals


Defending people against exploitation and human rights violation, and enhancing accessibility for people with disabilities

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